Tears of joy for Dad - Nitish Reddy's gift for making his father proud is a kiss!

Nitish reddy, who played action in the 23rd league match against punjab Kings, won the man of the match award and received a kiss from his father. The 23rd league match between Sunrisers hyderabad and punjab Kings was played yesterday at Mullanpur, Punjab's home ground. In this, punjab won the toss and bowled. Accordingly, Sunrisers hyderabad team batted first and accumulated 182 runs.

In this, Nitish reddy, the best all-rounder who came in the middle order when the top-order batsmen failed, played aggressively and scored 64 runs in 37 balls including 4 fours and 5 sixes. Then the top 3 batsmen of the punjab Kings team who batted were dismissed in short runs.Sam karan 29, Sikandar Raza 28, Jitesh Sharma 19 runs out. In this, Nitish reddy, who bowled, took the wicket with Jitesh Sharma. Also, Prabsimran took the catch of Singh.

Nitish Reddy

In the end, shashank Singh and Ashutosh Sharma played together and went to the brink of victory and lost by 2 runs. In the last over, punjab needed 29 runs to win and scored 26 runs in that over.

Nitish reddy, IPL 2024

Finally, Sunrisers hyderabad won by 2 runs. With this win, Sunrisers hyderabad got their 3rd win and moved to 5th position in the points table. After this match, Nitish reddy was awarded the Man of the Match award. Nitish reddy, who met his father with the man-of-the-match award winner, also received his blessings.

PBKS vs SRH, 23rd IPL Match

Nitish Reddy's father gave his son a hug and a kiss as a gift. After this, Nitish reddy said on his instagram page: I am happy to have made my father proud. He has fought all odds to bring me to this point. He sacrificed everything for me. Those happy tears from my parents after the last match made my day special. Nitish reddy, who was born on 26 May 2003, has played for the andhra pradesh team in local competitions. In this, he has played 17 first-class cricket. He has also played in 22 List A matches.

Hanuma Vihari has said about nitish kumar Reddy: He belongs to a very humble family. nitish kumar has made sacrifices for Reddy's cricketing career and mentored him. I have been watching him since he was 17 years old. I am proud to see him grow into a great player now. He has said that he will be an asset to hyderabad and the indian team in the future.

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