Viral Video: Friendship between a dog and a human!!!

People are liking this video which goes viral on the internet. The public is pouring a lot of love towards the dog. You must have heard many of the friendships between a dog and a human and today we would like to share and expose you to one such viral video. In this video, you will see that the dog is running on three legs despite having four legs and the reason is its owner.

Actually, the dog's owner was plastered on his feet and he was walking on one leg. Seeing this, the dog also raised his fourth leg and started running after the owner on three legs. people are liking this video very much and are also commenting funny. Shubham Rathore wrote, Wow're lame leg champions. sneha wrote you are not alone brother. Shivani wrote, there is a line for yaar tere dog, 'There is only one heart, how many times will you win'

Similar news was heard some time ago. A dog used to bring tiffin for his owner to his office. He used to gallop on the way by pressing the tiffin in his mouth that he always reached on time. Everyone was surprised to see the love and dedication towards the owner.

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