A man from tamil Nadu has won Rs 11 lakh by participating in a game held in singapore replicating South Korea's 'Squid Game' web series. Selvam Arumugam hails from tamil Nadu. The 42-year-old went to singapore for work in 2007. There he is working as a signal man in a company called Pollisum Engineering. In this case, a game show adapted from the web series 'Squid Game' was conducted on behalf of his company.
'Squid Game' is a South Korean web series. This web series which was released on Netflix OTD platform in 2021 is based on various games. The web series was a huge hit with rewards for winning and risk of death for losing. But the game in singapore was not all shock results. However, there were games featured in it. Selvam, who did not know about this web series or the games, participated in the competition.

Jackets and track suits are provided as seen in the 'Squid Game' web series. Also, its security guards are not only wearing red colored jumpsuits but also have a wallet containing money on display. Arumugam, who does not know the rules of the game, has played by what those in front of him are doing. He said, 'I can't believe this' after being successful in this. And this Rs.11 lakh is Arumuga's income for one and a half years.

Talking about this success, he said, “I will build a house for my family in india with this money. There are 15 people in my family. They are staying in a rented house. I will use the money for my brother's children's education. My wife thought I was telling a joke when I said this incredible thing at home. Later, my friend believed me. Hearing this, my family cried. This is an unforgettable moment in my life," he said.

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