nani is a very jovial person both on the sets and off the sets. All the heroines who have already worked with nani have revealed how fun nani is. In Nani's movie, the heroines become like people in his house. Recently, nani also brought out another rare quality. At the airport, if the adults are having trouble with the children during the journey, he will take care of it for a while. 

'At that time they are equally comfortable. When I talk, even the elders get the impression that this is our man. I acted with children in 'Jersey' and 'Hi Nanna'. It seemed like a lot of fun. My son cheese calls me Dad. I don't listen at all when he tries to speak english to me. After that, he will understand and speak in Telugu', he said. 

 He said in an interview in the past that he felt uncomfortable  when he heard the sound of children crying. With the arrival of marriage and children in his life, that reservedness is lost in him. Now he is getting along with everyone. Making jokes with everyone on the sets, making funny satires and dancing on the stage, he has undergone many changes. 

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