The film focuses on the hardships of ordinary individuals in the middle class. Following his sister's strange death, a cop disguised as a common guy named Porus (Vishal) begins his investigation for the true cause of his sister's death. During this time, he meets a ruthless entrepreneur named Neelakantam. What is the connection between Neelakantam and Porus' sister's tragedy? This is the film's pivotal point.

With his normal acting, Visual is fine. Vishal's action abilities provide genuine dimension to the picture, despite his good portrayal in emotional parts. In the second half of the movie, a couple of combat moments have been well-designed. Dimple Hayathi, the female lead, has a good screen appearance, but her character isn't well-designed. In the first part of the movie, humorist yogi babu plays the hero's sidekick and has a lot of fun. Tulasi, who played the hero's mother, did a good job as well. 

Raja, the son of sirivennela Seethaarama Saastri, is fine in his negative tinted role. The actor who portrayed Neelakantam did a good job in the part. Saamanyudu's filmmaker is Thu.Pa.Saravanan. Saravanam utterly failed in presenting the movie on an entertaining note, despite his noble intentions in highlighting the problems of ordinary people. Instead of following the standard pattern approach, he should have concentrated on the presentation aspect, which would have yielded a little better result. While Yuvan shankar Raja's music is excellent, Kavin Raj's camerawork is appropriate for the film's genre. Srikanth's editing does not register. Vishal's own production firm provides adequate production quality for this medium-budget film.

Overall, A Regular Action Drama with Vishal's Action is the saving grace


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