The jagan Mohan reddy administration received assistance from retired indian Police service (IPS) officer and former joint director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) v v lakshminarayana in response to the phone tapping allegations made by rebel ysr congress party MLAs from nellore kotamreddy sridhar reddy and Anam Ramanaryana reddy, which caused a sensation in political circles.

JD informed reporters that it is difficult to tap other people's cell phones. The only organisations with the authority to listen in on anyone's phone calls are the intelligence bureau, CBI, NIA, and RAW. The national government, not the state governments, is in charge of them all, he declared. He emphasised that before these agencies could decide anything, they had to have approval from the Union home Ministry.

Although state governments have the ability to tap telephones as well, JD noted that they could only do so in extreme situations and with the Union home secretary's approval. Lakshminarayana added that only two circumstances permitted the tapping of mobile phones: international affairs and matters of national security. But even so, he continued, the claims that the states are tapping cellphones continue to fly thick and high. However, he warned that it was possible for state governments to use the tapping powers—which were granted in extraordinary circumstances—for political ends. "It is clearly illegal if the tapping is done as part of political intelligence," he declared.

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