Just a few days after the horrifying sakshi murder case in delhi, another horrible crime has come to light in the country's capital. Two brothers are accused of painstakingly plotting and carrying out the cruel killings of a mother and her daughter, which they liked to refer to as "Mission Malamal."

According to the delhi Police, two cousin brothers were detained on sunday after reportedly murdering a 64-year-old widow and her small daughter in the Krishna nagar neighborhood of east delhi as part of the 'Mission Malamal' scheme to get quick money. The two accused cousin brothers in the case, Kishan, 28, and Ankit Kumar Singh, 25, both from the bihar district of Siwan, have been named. According to the police, Kishan was last seen residing in Delhi's Laxmi nagar neighborhood.

The two are charged with the murders of 64-year-old Rajrani and her daughter Ginni, whose remains were discovered in a decomposed form a few days ago. The brothers were both taken into custody by delhi Police just three days after the crime was committed. 
Kishan registered on a website to work as a home tutor while holding a position as a marketing manager in Delhi. Rajrani quickly hired him to instruct Ginni, her differently-abled daughter. He quickly earned their trust and began frequently visiting them at home.

Kishan devised a plot to assassinate the mother-daughter team and steal their money after learning that they had over Rs 50 lakh in their bank accounts. He and his brother, who conducted a reconnaissance of the victim's location, gave the scheme the name "Mission Malamal."

The two accused cousin brothers bought knives from Laxmi nagar after watching a web series to see how the cops operate. The mother-daughter team invaded their home after Kishan introduced his brother to them, finally slitting their necks, and escaping with their goods.

After leaving delhi and taking the money to Lucknow, the two finally returned to delhi and resumed their regular lives until being located and detained by the delhi Police.

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