100% Sabotage-Odisha Triple train crash with Planning..??

Dinesh Trivedi, a former railway minister, was the first to suggest that sabotage might have been involved in the triple train accident that occurred in Balasore, Odisha, on june 2. He stated that hours after the tragedy that "sabotage may have been involved in the accident and cannot be ruled out." 288 passengers were killed in the catastrophe, which was one of the worst in terms of casualties and the severity of the injuries. 


According to Trivedi, "Based on the information and knowledge I have about the interlocking system, how it operates, and what transpired in the incident, I felt that there was a major manipulation that took the Coromandel Express on the loop line away from the main track. I am now a hundred percent certain that this crash was the result of sabotage rather than a simple accident as additional information becomes available.

The interlocking system cannot have malfunctioned in this way as the signal was green, he said. In a train system, there aren't as many coincidences. There is another system that takes over if an interlocking system malfunctions or goes wild at any moment. 'Fail-safe' is the term used to describe it. The bjp leader explained that if the fail-safe is activated, all of the signals on that particular track will turn red and the train won't move.

The former railway minister continued, "This is not a case of typical signal failure or derailment." The goods train carrying iron ore was standing like a rock when a passenger train struck it on a loop line.

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