Minister Shekharbabu said that a new bus stand will be constructed on 6.79 acres in Mamallapuram.

Ministers T. Mo. Anparasan and P. K. Sekarbabu inspected the site for the new bus stand to be built by the chennai Metropolitan Development Corporation at Mamallapuram. Following this, minister P. K. Sekarbabu told the press today, "In this bus station, which is going to be located in Mamallapuram, 6.79 acres of land, more than 1 lakh square feet, 50 buses are going to be designed to stand at the same time. If this bus station comes, it is calculated that the traffic congestion in the old bus station which is already in Mamallapuram will be controlled. .

The existing bus stand at Mamallapuram is spread over an area of 0.31 acres and has a parking capacity of 10 buses. chennai Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) and tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC - Villupuram Zone) operate their buses from the bus station at Mamallapuram to various destinations including Tiruthani, Thambaram, Chengalpattu, Kalpakkam, Tirupporur, Koyambedu and Thiruvanmiyur. As there is insufficient space at the existing bus stand site, a new bus stand is proposed to be constructed near east Coast Road and Thirukkalukkunram Road.

The newly constructed bus station will have facilities such as reservation center, ATM, tourist information center, dispensary, nursing room for mothers, staff accommodation, passenger rest room and parking lot. Therefore, we are planning to speed up all the development works to bring this bus station to this area as soon as possible. Apart from this, plans have been made to construct new bus stands in Klampakkam, Cuthambakkam and Chengalpattu areas and a bus stand for omni buses in Mudichur area.

During this regime, new bus stations and the work of speeding up the already started bus stations which were slow in operation are being carried out by the chennai Metropolitan Development Corporation. Also, the work of making Mamallapuram a satellite town is underway,” minister Shekharbabu said.

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