It is known that megastar chiranjeevi responded to tamil actor Mansoor ali Khan's inappropriate comments on trisha recently and supported trisha by rejecting Mansoor's comments. Not only chiranjeevi, but trisha and senior actress kushboo are also filing a defamation case against the media. In this order, recently Mansoor Ali's sensational comments on chiranjeevi in a tamil media has become a hot topic all over the social media.

When chiranjeevi denied your comments on trisha and said that you behaved perversely, Mansoor ali replied. "Whoever has a crooked mind, chiranjeevi has swallowed thousands of crores by setting up a party. But he has not helped even one of the poor. He has used all that money for his own needs, but he has not helped the poor. I will file a defamation suit against chiranjeevi, trisha and Kushboo.

I will give 40 crores money to the families of those who died due to alcohol in tamil Nadu. This is my promise. "Actually, chiranjeevi himself has made a mistake in this matter. He should know what happened first. He should ask me. It is wrong for him to say that without calling and asking what happened," he said. Due to this, Mega fans are extremely angry with Mansoor ali for his comments on Megastar.

 Fans are commenting on social media saying that Mansoor is targeting Chiranjeevi. While chiranjeevi responded to Mansoor ali Khan's objectionable comments on trisha on Twitter, "Mansoor ali Khan's objectionable comments came to my attention. Such comments are disgusting not only for an artist but for any woman. These comments should be strongly condemned. They are saying such things with a perverted mind. Not only for Trisha. , I will stand by and support any girl who gets such comments," he tweeted.

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