Currently playing in cinemas, Manjummel Boys, which stars Soubin Shahir in the title role, is causing quite a stir. The malayalam movie debuted to incredibly high ticket sales, and these numbers are still rising as we speak.

How did they recreate the Guna caves in Manjummel Boys?
After viewing Manjummel Boys, there is a legitimate question in everyone's mind about how the group pulled off the entire sequence in the Guna caverns. Ajayan Chalissery, the production designer for Manjummel Boys, stated in an interview with Onmanorama that replicating the ambiance of the Guna caverns was a difficult undertaking. Their task was to ensure that the budget was controlled while maintaining a realistic appearance for the caverns.

Ajayan disclosed that a godown at Perumbavoor was used to construct a mannequin of the Guna caverns during his talk regarding the backstage operations. The crew was only permitted to visit the location as a point of reference because the cave is a heavily protected region. About the same, he said that they could only descend to a depth of 80 feet, at which time they had to document the cave's topography and texture. After noting down the details, the team began constructing the cave by using fiber sourced from various parts of Kodaikanal. According to Ajayan, it took nearly 3 months to build the entire set. 

The shocking real-life story behind Manjummel Boys
Chidambaram is the director and writer of the movie, and it is well-liked for its suspenseful, compelling story. However, did you know that the true story of the Manjummel Boys is based on an occurrence that happened in the Guna caverns in Kodaikanal?
The Guna Cave is renowned for its uneven construction and slick terrain, making it as perilous as it is exquisite and complicated. The many holes and pits in the almost 2230-meter-high caverns are above sea level.
A group of friends from Manjummel, Kochi, decide to take a holiday to Kodaikanal, where they explore the famous Guna cave, as depicted in the movie. When one of their buddies falls into a deep pit while they are there, it spreads panic and mayhem.

The gripping and inspirational story of the Manjummel Boys is how Siju David, one of the group, puts his life in danger and descends into the pit to save his comrade. For his gallantry, Siju also received the jeevan Raksha Padhak Medal.

What is the connection between Kamal Haasan’s Guna and Manjummel Boys?
To put things in perspective, the Devil's Kitchen, a term as enigmatic as the location itself, was the previous name of the Guna caverns, which is what they are known as now. Due to the filming of the Gunaa song kanmani Anbodu, the cave was dubbed Guna Cave following the release of Kamal Haasan's film Gunaa. Manjummel Boys also makes many allusions to the song kanmani Anbodu, with one mention, in particular, drawing a lot of applause from the crowd.

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