Kenya Helicopter Crash: 10 military officers lost their lives...

There is some depressing news out of Kenya. Here on thursday afternoon, a helicopter crash claimed the lives of ten persons. They were all soldiers in the army. Francis Omondi Ogola, Kenya's top military officer, was one of them. This information was provided by President William Ruto in a broadcast speech. According to Ruto, a helicopter crash claimed the lives of General Francis Ogola and nine other army personnel. Shortly after taking off on thursday afternoon, the helicopter crashed. "I am very sorry to announce General Francis Omondi Ogola's passing," Ruto stated. A group has been established to investigate the cause of the mishap. The Algeyo Marakwet County accident location is where the crew has been dispatched. Ruto proclaimed a three-day national mourning period beginning on Friday.

As Commander-in-Chief, President Ruto added, "It's a sad time for me and the entire kenya Defense Forces," according to a CNN report. The worst day ever for the nation is today. One of our bravest generals is dead.The mishap occurred right after takeoff. According to Ruto, Ogola departed Nairobi to meet with troops and oversee school renovation work in the northern part of the nation. Shortly after takeoff, the helicopter crashed. Late on thursday night, the deceased's bodies were also transported to Nairobi. Speaking on behalf of the President, Hussein Mohammed said that the National Security Council of the nation has been summoned to an urgent meeting in Nairobi as a result of this occurrence. For an investigation, the team has also been dispatched to the location.

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