Senior representatives from hyderabad Metro rail Limited (HMRL) and other organizations met on Thursday, june 13, at Metro rail Bhavan for a thorough assessment to guarantee passenger comfort and safety ahead of the monsoon season.
NVS reddy, managing director of HMRL, stressed the value of continuous train operation throughout the monsoon season. Senior engineers were instructed by him to keep a close eye on Metro rail installations and operations around the clock.
In addition, he issued several crucial orders to prevent any potential Metro system disruptions:

• Swift arrangements for alternative electric feeders to prevent service disruptions in the event of TRANSCO feeder tripping.

• Rigorous inspection and sealing of expansion joints, cleaning of rainwater spouts, and removal of vegetation growth on viaducts to prevent leakages and ensure structural integrity.

• Regular pruning of trees near metro viaducts and removal of foreign objects to safeguard the electrical traction system.

• Deployment of additional housekeeping staff to prevent water stagnation on platforms.

• Removal of hazardous flexis from advertisement boards near metro installations.

• Maintenance of electrical fittings and installation of additional nuts and boults on station roofs to withstand heavy rains.

• Implementation of measures to prevent inundation at metro entry/exit points, lifts, and escalators.

• Implementation of corrosion prevention measures for rail tracks and other steel structures.

Furthermore, NVS reddy emphasized the necessity of an awareness campaign in light of a recent terrible occurrence in delhi Metro rail, when a passenger lost her life as a result of her saree becoming trapped in the train doors. Its goal is to inform travelers about safety procedures, such as staying clear of the yellow line, avoiding crammed areas near doors, and refraining from using cell phones when entering or disembarking from the train.

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