For all the wrong reasons, a recent video of Taylor Swift performing a dance on stage during one of her Eras Tour concerts is going viral. A fan sent a video of Taylor performing on stage, and it showed her dancing uncomfortably. She's incredibly underappreciated as a dancer, the admirer said in the video's caption. Now that this video has gone popular on X, many users have made fun of her for not having practiced her awful, childlike dancing moves.
Reacting to the video, a user commented, “This is how my 8 year old cousin dances after 2 Dr. Peppers.” A second comment read, “Taylor Swift is Elon Musk for women and I will not be elaborating further.” A user wrote, “No Swiftie hate but I do think she dances this awkwardly on purpose to give herself more of a dumb baby vibe instead of a billionaire who is actively draining resources vibe.” A comment also read, “Starting to think these people are straight up brainwashed.”

Many desi users even compared Taylor's dance moves to salman Khan. One user posted a clip of salman dancing to Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai from sultan beside the clip of Taylor dancing. “This is how salman khan dances,” wrote another user. A comment also read, “Indian uncles dance better than her.”

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