After air India's sale, the staff have begun to feel the effects of the crisis. The notification they received was the first wave of this. They have been given six months from the final date of the disinvestment transaction to give written notice that they would depart their company's house in Kalina, Mumbai. This has engendered a great deal of animosity among the employees' unions.
In response, union leaders sent a notice to Mumbai's Regional Labor Commissioner on Wednesday, stating that they can embark on an indefinite strike on this subject starting november 2. Before going on strike, the union must give two weeks' notice, according to the rules. air India's (AI) Joint Action Committee (JAC) has issued the notification.

On october 5, the employees were given notice in this respect. They have been required to provide written confirmation by october 20, 2021, that they would depart the accommodations within six months after the airlines' privatisation. air India's colonies are located in Mumbai's Kalina and Delhi's uber POSH Vasant Vihar. The warning applies to both locations. After meeting daily on this topic, the office-bearers of the employees union in both cities would vote to go on strike together.
Air India's jac has asked that staff be allowed to remain in their houses till they retire. It stated that if this fails, we would be forced to resort to an indefinite strike beginning november 2, 2021.

On august 9, 2021, the GoM on air india disinvestment determined that air india workers might stay in the company's residential residences for "six months or until the assets are monetised, whichever comes first."

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