Aliens live among us on Earth! Researchers revealed!!!

Scientists are busy doing research day and night on whether aliens exist in the universe or not. In such a situation, whenever a strange thing is seen flying in the sky. Then the mention of aliens comes on the tongue of the people. Now one such report has come out, in which the possibilities have been expressed that aliens are living hidden among us. According to researchers doing research on aliens at Harvard university, aliens may be living hidden among humans. The study said that aliens are living secretly with humans. In september last year too, nasa confirmed the sighting of hundreds of UFOs. However, the investigation found that there is no evidence that aliens were behind such incidents.

Do aliens live among humans?

This time the researchers have used the term cryptoterrestrial, which means imaginary creatures that live among humans, but no one knows about them. According to the new study, crypto-terrestrials can exist in 4 ways. It can be aliens who used to live long ago as advanced human technology. Which were almost extinct long ago, but some parts of them still exist today. At the same time, the second form can be of advanced developed animals. Who are living under the ground or like monkeys. Who can be the descendants of an intelligent dinosaur. In the third way, it has been told that they must have come from somewhere in the universe from the future and must be living hidden somewhere on the moon or earth. In the fourth form, there is talk of fairy nymphs, who must be living somewhere in this world with magical powers like humans.

UFOs come to meet friends!

Researchers at Harvard university said that UFOs could be alien spacecraft, which come to meet their friends living on Earth. The aim of the study was to provide an alternative explanation related to UFO sightings. It told such a theory, which could be related to them. At the same time, the researchers have also clarified that many scientists will not agree with their study. At the same time, the review of this study of the researchers is yet to be done and this study has not been published.

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