How to control blood pressure without medicine?

Nowadays people of all age groups are facing the problem of high blood pressure due to wrong eating habits, bad routine and excessive stress. In such a situation, people consume more medicines. If you are also on medicines, then you also need to take some such measures to make yourself healthy, which will help you to get well soon. Today we are going to tell you about some such naturopathy tips, which do not have any side-effects. This will help in controlling your blood pressure. Let's know the benefits...

Reduce salt intake

Excessive consumption of salt harms the body. Because, too much sodium can increase your BP. More salt is used in things like soup, pizza and sandwich. In case of high blood pressure disease, you should not eat more than 1,500 mg of salt in a day.


In acupressure, important points of different parts of the body are pressed. All the nerves, muscles, blood arteries, bones in the human body from feet to head are interconnected. In this case, acupressure can be used to control blood pressure by adopting traditional Chinese medicine method. Don't do it by yourself. You can take advantage of this with the help of an expert.

Avoid smoking

To control high blood pressure, you should avoid smoking. Harmful substances found in cigarette, beedi which harm the lungs. Along with this, the risk of heart diseases also increases.


It is not necessary that only medicines should be consumed to deal with the problem of high blood pressure. It can also be kept under control by doing workouts and exercises. To keep heart healthy, do 30 minutes workout everyday. Workout keeps your bp under control.

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