New type of infection that threatens... 5 crore people will die..?

The Corona epidemic was detected in the Chinese city of wuhan at the end of 2019. This deadly disease has spread all over the world and normal life has been greatly affected. Developed countries are in economic crisis. Millions of people have been killed by this coronavirus. The normal life of the people was completely paralyzed due to the threat of coronavirus in india in 3 waves. Millions of people around the world were affected by the coronavirus that spread in the first wave, the second wave, and the third wave. Millions of people died. Also, from time to time, mutated corona types such as monkey measles and Omicron were threatening. However, now that the countries of the world have recovered from the coronavirus, experts have warned about the next pandemic.
Corona infection again?
Dame Kate Bingham, who was the head of Britain's Corona Vaccine Task Force, has warned about this. He said that up to 5 crore people are likely to die due to the next impact in the world. He said that the coronavirus is not serious at present, and if it has a serious effect, the casualties will increase many times. 70 lakh people died due to corona infection. While its effects were very bad, they have warned that this new disease 'Disease X' will be worse than that.
Disease X:
They warned that this new infection could be seven times more dangerous than the coronavirus and that this pandemic is more likely to originate from a virus that is already in our midst. About 5 crore people died due to the blue fever spread in the last few years. Experts said that this new infection will parallel this vulnerability. They said that the damage would be as bad as it was that day. There is a risk of getting a nasty infection from one of the many viruses that already exist. UK researchers have also started trying to create vaccines for 'Disease X' based on the effects of diseases transmitted to humans from animals. Experts have suggested that climate change may be the cause of the virus mutating.

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