It is known that balakrishna is currently doing a film under the direction of anil ravipudi after the film Akhanda. It seems that kajal aggarwal is playing the heroine in balayya 108, which is being made amid huge expectations. It has already been clarified that Srileela is playing the role of Balayya's daughter. The latest bollywood hot beauty nora fatehi who sang an item song in Baahubali is going to be seen in a key role in this movie.

 Her role in the film is going to be with a touch of negative shades. Apart from that, it is reported that her character will be very crucial to the story. It is being reported that director anil ravipudi has finally selected bollywood beauty nora fatehi after examining several actresses for the role which has negative shades. She has not joined the shoot yet. There are chances that she will join the new schedule which is going to start soon.

It is known that balayya will be seen in the role of a 60-year-old man. The members of the unit say that the fans will go crazy just seeing that get-up. Rumors about the story have already been doing the rounds and have increased the level of the movie immensely. nora fatehi is also going to appear in the movie. The news that she is going to show villainy is increasing the level of the movie. 

Director anil ravipudi is trying hard to release this movie as a dussehra gift. balayya came up with the movie Veera simha Reddy for sankranti and got a success. balayya and his fans are hoping for another victory and a hat-trick this Dussehra. And to what extent Balayya's hat trick is possible is to be seen.

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