Vishwak Sen attempted to rewrite a typical tale that Dhamaka author prasanna Kumar had written. The first half moves along without any problems and is only occasionally humorous. It's fun to watch Das and Keerthi's romance develop. Das and his friends who manage the motel add to the enjoyment. A few chuckles pop out here and there thanks to hyper aadi and Mahesh.

Perhaps not everyone will enjoy Vishwak's sense of humor. But this part offers a little solace. The first half is respectable and looks to be family-friendly entertainment. The second part, which contrasts with the first, is what turns viewers off since it takes them to a strange, uncomfortable, and dark place. The problems are made worse by Sanjay's character's entrance. There are also countless twists that are described but not visibly demonstrated. These weigh on viewers and unsettle them.

Simply put, the second half tanked and was a complete letdown. Too many twists are ineffective. The entire concept of a cancer cure, new drugs, and Rs 10,000 crore is forced and unconvincing. The relationship between the professor and the drug has been overdone in a number of movies. The second half's unwelcome party tune is a test of endurance.

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