How is it possible..?!? Utter Flop film..!?

The romantic marriage ended in divorce, and after that, Samantha's films, which have suffered from a rare disease, have been facing serious failure in recent times. But to support all that now there is a happy incident abroad. Samantha's Shaagunthalam, which was made on a budget of around 65 crores, was a huge box office and critical failure but is now bagging several awards at the Cannes World Film Festival.

Shaagunthalam, directed by Gunasekaran and based on a mythological story, was released worldwide in tamil, Telugu, Kannada, malayalam, and hindi in 3D technology on the occasion of tamil New Year. It starred samantha and malayalam actor Dev Mohan as Dushyanthan.

Dil Raju, the producer of this film, commented very sadly about Sagunthalam that he had never faced such a failure in his 25 years of cinema journey. This caused great embarrassment to samantha as well. In this situation, the film has received many awards in foreign countries as if it has been rewarded for its hard work. Sagunthalam film has received an award at the Games World Film Festival. Neeta Lulla, who worked as a costume designer in this film, has received an award. It has already won Best Fantasy Film and Best Musical Film at the New York international Awards.

Shaagunthalam has won international awards in four categories at the Cannes Film festival currently being held in France: Best Fantasy Film, Best Costume Designer, Best indian Film, and Best Foreign Film.

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