Only a few movies, such Bichhagadu 2, Mem Famous, and Pareshan, are now playing in Telugu, but other little movies, including Intinti Ramayanam, Takkar in dub, and others, will be released this Friday. However, while everyone is anticipating the premiere of Adipurush on june 16, there is now very little Tollywood-related activity at the ticket booths. And now for this intriguing tidbit.

The biggest surprise came from Disney+Hotstary when they started to stream "Avatar 2" on Wednesday, as some of the smaller films were trying to grab a grip of the box office. As the word spread, many people's desire to see the movie on the OTT platform has grown irrational. The level of craziness is so extreme that avatar 2 is currently trending on social media and the subject of several conversations.

According to box office analysts, with avatar 2 now enjoying such a surge in popularity, many families will probably choose to see it at home this weekend with popcorn and beverages in hand rather than going to the movies. When the final matches were more intense a few weeks ago, IPL ate away the profits for 3–4 weeks. Since avatar 2 is now available on OTT, it could have an effect for a week or two till Adipurush opens in theatres. Let's wait and see.

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