From april 1, price increase of 384 essential medicines..!?

Prices of 384 essential drugs and more than 1,000 drugs of different formulations are set to rise by over 11 percent from april 1 due to a sharp rise in the Wholesale Price Index (WPI). people have to pay extra for many essential medicines including heart disease medicines and antibiotics. From april 1, people will have to pay extra for many essential medicines, including pain relievers, anti-infectives, cardiovascular drugs, and antibiotics. The basis is set to rise. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) on march 25 revised the WPI rate to 12.12% for the calendar year 2022. It is noteworthy that last year the NPPA system declared 10.7 percent. Every year, the NPPA system announces the measurement based on the wholesale price index. This price hike is done to ensure that there is no shortage of any drug in the market and at the same time the drug manufacturers and the people get the benefit of this price control, said the Union health Minister. While the central government is also controlling price hikes for pharmaceutical products, prices are being hiked on a WPI basis every year so that pharmaceutical companies are not forced into a loss-making situation.While the prices are increasing day by day in india, despite the many efforts of the government to control this, the companies have started shifting the price burden on the people. For the last one year, many companies have reduced the weight of their products instead of increasing the price of the products. If you have noticed, you must have understood this change.Inflation in india is calculated by two factors namely cpi and WPI. In this, Consumer Inflation (CPI) calculates the price change among the people, and WPI (Wholesale Price Inflation) calculates the price change among the producers. Currently, the main reason for the increase in the price of pharmaceutical products is the WPI (Wholesale Price Inflation), i.e. the increase in production costs among drug manufacturers and the price of drug products in the consumer market. causing rise.

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