Jayashree Venketaramanan, a television actress, has defended telugu superstar Mahesh Babu's remarks regarding working in Bollywood. She says: "Mahesh Babu is one of my favourite actors. I am aware of and comprehend Mahesh Babu's cult following. In reality, the majority of us are aware that Rajnikanth sir is idolised. I've seen folks keep Rajnikanth's picture next to their Gods at home; tell me who would want to leave such a place; can money purchase anything? So forget mahesh babu, bollywood, and even hollywood can't afford Rajnikanth in that sense."

In a recent interview, mahesh babu stated that bollywood cannot pay him, which created a debate. Jayashree considers himself a humble individual. She adds: "If you ask me, I'd like to emphasise that I've seen Mahesh Babu's interviews in the past and have never found him arrogant in the least. Even in his most recent interview, he began by saying, "This might sound arrogant, but I don't think bollywood can afford me," I believe what he meant was that the kind of stardom and love he receives there is incomparable and unquantifiable in terms of money, and who would want to go somewhere else if they are revered in such a way?"

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