Shruti Haasan is extremely busy right now, having just released her brand-new single, "She is a Hero," and is currently filming both domestically and for The Eye, a brand-new international project. How does she maintain her amazing looks then? We have a brief chat about all things body with the actress, who has her own line of body care products from Pulp now.

Describe your skin-care routine for us.
I've always believed that good skincare begins on the inside. Basically, this means following a healthy diet and taking the appropriate supplements for nourishment. Of course, you then require that extra push. Everyone needs a clean canvas, therefore for someone like myself who genuinely believes in clean skin, I believe in addressing certain issues that we all have, like dryness or having the correct amount of hydration. I also concentrate on treating uneven skin, which is a common issue. In order to battle all of this, I like to utilise high-quality cosmetics, and serums are my personal favourite.

How are you taking care of your hair?
Again, the key to my hair-care routine is what you put into your body. I always oil my hair. In order to protect myself from the constant ironing and the potent products that we must use in order to achieve looks for movies, I oil my hair as frequently as possible and use a really good leave-in conditioner. I apply it right after washing, when my hair is still wet. Since most people are unaware of how crucial it is to maintain a clean scalp, I also emphasise the importance of washing your hair thoroughly after oiling.

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