Recently, music directors have started to appear in more and more lyrical videos. However, it has a limit. As it stands, Thaman is obviously going too far. Thaman makes a protracted cameo in yesterday's premiere of Veera simha Reddy's lyrical video for jai Balayya. netizens have not been pleased with this. The telugu community on social media complains that Thaman is unnecessarily overdoing the song appearances because he has been doing this before. 

He also performed the same with a few additional songs, including those from Sarkaru Vaari Paata. "I don't know why this Thaman feels the need and want to be in every poetic video. He would be better off writing quality music. A passing cameo here and there is acceptable, but competing for the same amount of screen time as the heroes in every video is bad.

He's obviously overdoing it, a telugu user of social media said. Another person made a comment about Thaman's appearance in the jai Balayya song, calling his antics by wearing all white everything amusing. Thaman may want to consider the criticism and adjust his behaviour moving forward. Even in tamil movie Varisu he came for Ranjithame song.

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