The plot follows the protagonist across the world, according to writer Vijayendra Parasad, even though the movie is primarily set in a jungle. The focus is on the Rajamouli-Mahesh Babu movie, which is scheduled to open in theatres in May 2023. According to Vijayendra Prasad, "It doesn't take a writer very long to bring the angst from his character. He can quickly and easily shift gears.

Although it is a common form of flattery that every writer bestows upon an actor with whom he collaborates, it undoubtedly sparks some curiosity about what is actually in the movie. It was previously said that this Indian-canvas film is similar to Indiana Zones. However, the author makes mention of an experience that shrank the world. rajamouli must be considering collaborating with mahesh babu on a global project, much like Steven Spielberg did in the late 1980s and early 1990s when he worked with actors like Sean Connery.

SS rajamouli, whose previous three films, Baahubali, Baahubali 2, and RRR, were huge box office hits, has revealed some information regarding his upcoming movie. The director announced that mahesh babu will work with him on his upcoming action-adventure film. He also compared the unnamed project to Indiana Jones and james Bond, both of which won Academy Awards. We discussed 2 stories for it, he added. The working title for the movie was SSMB29.

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