Two women are followed through their various life stages in the narrative. The fearful pathologist Rose (Marin Ireland) prefers working with corpses than engaging with people. She is also totally fixated on raising the dead to life. The highlight of Celie's existence is her talkative 6-year-old daughter Lila (A.J. Lister), who is a maternity nurse played by Judy Reyes. Rose and Celie's lives collide after an unfortunate event in ways that test their values. The two women and young girl set out on a perilous route where there is no turning back, where they will be forced to decide how far they are willing to go to defend what is most important to them.

Birth/Rebirth is excellent at examining the relationship between two women with differing perspectives on motherhood. Celie's goal is to love, care for, and support her child as she develops into whatever she wants to be. Rose views becoming a mother as a means to an end. She is committed to utilising maternal science in order to ultimately prolong life. These beliefs appear to be very different on paper, yet Moss skillfully combines their goals into one. She creates a striking contrast that puts into question her sanity and morality in the process.

Birth/Rebirth has some flaws, but the three characters' strong acting makes up for them and makes for a watchable experience. Particularly, Ireland's dedication to her character's antisocial behaviour comes off as authentic. She has a persuasive way of expressing Rebecca's drive to better her career. To improve the finished product, Reyes goes much beyond this typical script. Reyes dramatically changes in real time as her character crosses a bridge she cannot get back from, emphasising the desperation a mother may experience to save her child.

Birth/Rebirth, which explores the concept of motherhood and questions the lengths one would go to safeguard a kid, leaves a lot to be desired. The movie struggles to get past its unwillingness to adhere to the genre, which frequently limits its nuance and misplaced suspense. Consequently, despite the writing being full of potential, it seems lacklustre. ireland and Reyes both give fantastic performances in Birth/Rebirth. Moss' first film as a filmmaker, however, requires a lot more than just outstanding performances to make an impact.

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