South Korean films are taking notice of the trend of the two sections. blockbuster movies like kgf and pushpa helped their respective sequels gain a lot of attention. That is the case if the first installment turns out to be a sensational smash, but what if it isn't? That case is now here. The Kabzaa movie, which debuted last weekend and featured three kannada superstars in the starring parts, was 'heavily inspired' by kgf, but only stylistically and not substantively. Kabzaa struggled in other languages and is still having trouble in Kannada.

Also intended to be split into two pieces was Kabzaa. In the first, upendra portrays the principal part, with Sivaraj Kumar appearing at the conclusion and Kicha sudeep making a brief appearance. It appears that the sequel will have more from the two A-list actors. As a result of its narrative and particularly the kgf hangover, Kabzaa was criticized as a failure. It will be interesting to see if the producers are still motivated to create a sequel after the first part's outcome.

Ironically, there were rumors also that pawan kalyan has been approached for a major role in the sequel of Kabzaa and he granted his green signal to be part of the movie. 

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