rashmika received requests to dance the Saami Saami song's catchy hook step everywhere she went because the song was such a tremendous hit. rashmika danced for the move far too frequently both throughout the pushpa marketing and after Pushpa's popularity. It appears that she has at last understood.

Because rashmika performed the Saami Saami dance so frequently, there was a tonne of jokes about it. In a recent social media conversation, rashmika was asked if she would dance for Saami Saami with someone, and rashmika made fun of herself in the process. I've done the saami saami step so much that I feel like I'll have back problems as I get older.

Why do you do this to me, and let's do something else when me and you meet, rashmika retorted. Hence, rashmika no longer takes Saami Saami steps. rashmika claims that vamsi took her pictures as she passed out on the set's sofas when she was asked if there had been any amusing occurrences on the Varisu sets. Afterwards, she would be ridiculed by Vijay and Vamsi. She also clarified that she never signed any tamil movies and it has been just a few months from her recent release 'Varisu' which has been a big flop at the Box Office.

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