Dhamki is directed by Vishwak Sen, who also writes the narrative and script. He also produces the movie, which adds to his already heavy workload. The young actor has made a significant effort, and he's chosen a solid commercial potboiler subject. Dhamki's first act progresses without many problems. The backdrop and the humor, together with a few tense, intriguing moments involving the character and its identity, keep the audience's interest. 

Parts of the comedy were original, but the story (first half) isn't. The love track has a sense of predictability about it. But despite this, it manages to maintain respectable levels of interest. Around the halfway point, the story takes a turn. It is respectable and gives viewers hope for how the tale will develop in the second half. In the second half, Vishwak Sen, unfortunately, loses the storyline. One can't help but wonder whether Vishwak Sen overanalyzed and overcooked the plot in order to avoid parallels to recent works with comparable stories.

Do you recall the initial reactions when the promotions began? He forgot the fact that too much of anything is good for nothing and too much of twists in the second half and most of them being forced ends the movie as a crap flick. 

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