You are about to turn 36, now get this work done, priyanka Chopra's mother said this big thing

Priyanka Chopra: You are about to turn 36, now get this work done. Why did priyanka Chopra's mother say such a big thing? Know in this report.

Priyanka Chopra on Freezing Her Eggs: priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas are parents to a baby girl but the actress has told in her interview that she froze her eggs in her mid-30s only on the advice of her mother. She said that I did not want to date Nick because she thought that at the age of 25 Nick did not want a child or not. priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas had a cute baby girl 'Malti Mary Chopra Jonas' in january last year Became the parent of (Malti Marie Jonas Chopra). They became parents after 3 years of marriage. Due to a medical issue in priyanka chopra, he resorted to surrogacy for this girl child. In one of her recent interviews, priyanka chopra revealed that she had frozen her eggs long before meeting Nick. This noble advice was given to him by none other than his mother Madhu Chopra herself who is a doctor herself. But let's know why Priyanka's mother finally gave her this advice.

During an interview, priyanka chopra said how much she loves children and how she spends more time with children than with adults. She said, 'I always knew I wanted kids and that's why I didn't want to date Nick because I didn't know if he wanted kids at 25. I love children and I work with children at UNICEF, I volunteer at a children's hospital. I spend more time with children than with adults. I love kids so much that all of our parties are kid and dog friendly. You can bring them to our house


Priyanka Chopra's mother and she have a friendship-like rapport. That's why priyanka is also very close to her. priyanka chopra said that she wanted to come to a successful position in her career. She said that till then she had not even met the person with whom she could marry and have children after marriage. Priyanka's mother is an obstetrician-gynecologist, on whose advice priyanka got her eggs frozen. priyanka said that then mother said that now she is about to turn 36, now just get this work done.

Priyanka's mother is a doctor. Along with being a mother, on the advice of the doctor, Priyanka's mother (Madhu Chopra) Madhu Chopra. Told priyanka that it becomes very difficult to get pregnant after 35, so freeze her eggs. The actress took this big step only on the advice of Priyanka's mother. priyanka said during the interview 'I also tell my young friends that the biological clock is real. Getting pregnant after 35 becomes very difficult and especially for women who work all their life, but now everything is possible because of science. But this procedure is a bit expensive. It depends on you whether you can afford it or not. priyanka further said 'I would tell people that you save money for a car, do it this Christmas, it is the best gift you will give yourself. You can work for as long as you want

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