The colour of the fiery bikini that lead heroine deepika Padukone donned was the subject of one of the biggest controversy last year. When the Pathaan song "Besharam Rang" was released, Deepika's tanned bikini appearance generated some debate. However, because orange is a hue associated with culture and religion, the right-wingers were offended that she was wearing an orange bikini. This even sparked demands to boycott the movie.

Shahrukh Khan, deepika Padukone, or the film's director Siddharth anand have not previously commented on this issue. They actually postponed all of the movie's promotional activities out of concern that they would hurt the movie's chances of making money at the ticket office. director Siddharth anand spoke out about the orange-colored bikini controversy after the movie earned close to 1100 crores in global box office revenue over the course of its lengthy run.

"We thought orange colour would pop out for a song that is being filmed in spain where the backdrop is full of green and blue, and we picked it up, as we do with any other colour. And those calling for boycotts don't realise that the success of a movie immediately affects hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of investment and thousands of people's lives, said Siddharth. This is the first time a squad member has addressed the Orange bikini scandal.

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