Power Star The popular politician and actor pawan kalyan has decided significantly on his upcoming film ventures. pawan kalyan has decided to give the film OG priority over the other projects he is currently working on. sujeeth is the director, and the dvv entertainments label is funding the movie.

It has shocked and delighted both fans and business insiders that the "OG" project would get continuous call sheets beginning on june 8. Pawan Kalyan's commitment to completing this particular movie before taking on other endeavors exemplifies his careful preparation. Even if the premise, genre, and cast of "OG" are still a secret, only Pawan Kalyan's presence is enticing enough to draw interest from viewers.

Fans, however, need not be concerned about the situation of the much anticipated pawan kalyan movie "Ustaad Bhagath Singh." Although "OG" has taken precedence, pawan kalyan has reaffirmed his dedication to the endeavor and would turn his attention to "Ustaad Bhagath Singh" after the former is over. Fans are extremely excited about "Ustaad Bhagath Singh," a movie in which pawan kalyan is anticipated to have a significant part. The movie's creator and director is Harish Shankar.

Samuthirakhani's BRO is Pawan's next release in the meanwhile. In between, Pawan will find time to complete the last of krish Jagarlamudi's hari Hara Veera Mallu's filming.

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