Kriti Sanon, a well-known actress in the bollywood film industry, has made a name for herself and has a sizable fan base. She has become well-known in the South indian cinema industry as well. Kriti, who made her acting debut in the telugu movie "1 Nenokkadine," is currently collaborating with prabhas on the acclaimed film "Adipurush." In the movie, prabhas plays the role of Raghav, and Kriti plays the part of Janaki.

Kriti Sanon opened her address at the pre-release ceremony with the cry "Jai Shri Ram" and gave cordial welcomes to Prabhas' supporters who had arrived in huge numbers to show their support.

"I started working in the telugu film industry, and now, nine years later, I'm back in front of you all with the movie 'Adipurush.'" The part of Janaki that I play in this movie and the movie itself are of utmost importance to me. kriti sanon emphasised the personal relevance of the movie by saying, "It is all made possible due of your everlasting love and blessings.

"Sometimes, it's not so much that we choose films as it is that certain films choose us," she continued. I have the impression that Janaki ma, who is referring to Character Janaki, has picked me to share this tale. It makes you feel immensely fortunate. We ask for your blessing so that the movie will be a huge hit and succeed.

According to Kriti, who spoke about her interactions with prabhas, "I was told that prabhas does not converse. It's not accurate. He does really speak a lot. He is a true sweetheart who is nice, kind, diligent, and a huge gourmet. I believe that Lord Sriram's attributes may be seen in his eyes, which are serene and pure. prabhas is the only actor who, in my opinion, could play sriram well.

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