Vijay's actress got pregnant without introducing her hubby..!?

Many celebrities in the cinema are also questioning whether she is actually married or not. In general, actresses in tamil cinema do not get a place in the hearts of fans so easily. But if this is paired with a leading hero they can easily become popular. So is the Vijay film actress. Even though she is the leading heroine in nearby states, she became very familiar to us only after pairing up with Vijay in Tamil. Even she has acted in a few films before acting in Tamil. But at that time we didn't even know who she was. There is no other such actress but ileana, who starred in Nanban with Vijay. She recently posted her pregnant photos on social media. At that time, many people who saw it wondered if they were married.
That is, it is not known when this actress will get married, but her pregnant photos have given a surprise as to whether it is a wedding. But it does not specify who is responsible for it. She also got married secretly. It would have been better if she first showed her husband to who she is married and then published her pregnant photos, even though she is secretly married. Usually, all the actresses get married to a businessman.
That's how actress ileana also secretly married the industrialist. But till now she has not published any wedding photos. So many celebrities in the cinema are raising the question of whether she is actually married or whether she is going to do it again.

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