The social media landscape is unfriendly, and posts about actors and actresses are frequently nasty and derogatory. Here's an example of a Sai Pallavi-related post like that. Recently, a number of sai pallavi posts that claimed the actress had married appeared on social media.
There were pictures of sai pallavi and a man wearing garlands together. These were envisioned as the actress' wedding photos. These posts quickly became popular online. But in reality, these photos are from the premiere of a new tamil movie starring sai pallavi and Sivakarthikeyan. These images show the film's director and Pallavi. These photographs were framed so that it appeared as though sai pallavi had wed. In actuality, though, this tale was created around images of sai pallavi from a movie premiere.

The issue was blown out of proportion as sai pallavi never reacted to any of the news reports and her silence evoked more controversy. However, she chose to remain silent as these things would fade away in no time and everyone would understand the reality in a quick time. The shocking fact is, even some National media outlets reported that she got married and the news became a sensation all of a sudden.

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