Sources stated kangana ranaut, who is buzzing in hyderabad as part of ``Chandramukhi 2'' film promotions, revealed an interesting fact about ram charan and Rajamouli. He revealed the desire in his heart. Bollywood's fire brand kangana ranaut is buzzing in Hyderabad. It is known that she came to hyderabad for the promotions of 'Chandramukhi 2'. Interacted with the media on Saturday. She spends her time doing interviews with the telugu media here. In this, kangana ranaut shared many interesting things. Apart from acting in ``Chandramukhi 2'', she revealed who she wants to work with. fire brand has expressed his heart. It is known that kangana ranaut acted in the telugu film ek niranjan with Prabhas. Two years ago, she appeared in the film 'Thalaivi'. Now again with ``Chandramukhi 2'' he will do south films. But this sales focus fell on Telugu. She participates in promotions with the concept of Target Tollywood. In this he revealed the desire in his heart.

She said that she wants to do a film with ram Charan. When asked by the anchor who is the only hero she would like to act with, she said that she would like to work with Ramcharan sir. Also when asked which director she wanted to do a film with, she said she wanted to work with rajamouli sir. She also revealed that she likes Lata Mangeshkar's songs and wants to listen to her songs. Will you go into politics on this occasion? To the question, she said that she has no such thoughts now.

Talking about the role she wants to play, ``Chandramukhi'', she said that now she has an opportunity to act in the sequel, and that wish has been fulfilled. When asked what kind of film to do in South, she said ``Chandramukhi 2''. But kangana Ranaut.. It is remarkable that she answered very diplomatically. Actors usually go to any film industry and talk about famous stars and express their admiration. They try to steal the hearts of the audience there. It can be said that kangana also did the same.

Meanwhile, ram Charan's craze has increased internationally with the film ``RRR''. Promoted as a global star. He also interacted with the international media during the ``Oscar'' event. It enhanced his image. It made the focus global wide. And rajamouli also gained international recognition with 'Baahubali'. 'RRRR' was sent to oscar and became more focused. It is remarkable that kangana revealed their names in this context.


And she said that ``Chandramukhi'' is her favorite role, that's why she asked and acted in it. director P Vasu came to him with a different story, but at that time chandramukhi 2 had started and the heroine was not yet selected. kangana revealed that he said OK when he told her to act. Acting with lawrence -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>raghava lawrence was a great experience. She revealed that she is focusing on South movies. kangana said that she wants to do films here and is waiting for offers. ``Chandramukhi 2'' starring lawrence -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>raghava lawrence as the hero and kangana as the heroine is going to release on 28th of this month.

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