Leo audio launch canceled due to poisonous people..!?

Ever since the shooting of the movie Leo started, the news that Vijay was going to enter politics started spreading. The cancellation of the audio launch of Thalapathy Vijay starrer Leo has created a huge problem on the internet. The biggest reason for this is that the audio launch was announced on september 30th and the work of giving a pass for it was suddenly stopped after it started. This is why Vijay fans are upset. Even though we have been told many times that this is our own decision from the side of the producers, there is no political reason, but Vijay fans are not accepting it. There is an uproar on social media saying that this is happening entirely due to political reasons and hashtags are trending against the ruling party. The reason for this is that ever since the shooting of the film Leo started, on the one hand, the news that Vijay was going to enter politics started spreading. It is said that the audio launch has been canceled to prevent him from speaking on the public stage because of actor Vijay's series of activities, fearing that he might enter politics.
But the real reason is that it is not available. It has been announced that if the audio launch of the film Leo takes place, only a limited number of passes will be given as there will be a large crowd. But the phone calls keep coming asking for a pass. There was a big problem of who to give and who not to give. Also distributed passes are duplicated and fake passes are sold.
Police said that nearly 10,000 fake tickets were seized. If all the people who bought the pass come to the Nehru Stadium, there will be a big mess. Already everyone knows about the problems that occurred during the AR rahman concert. If an incident like this happens again, Vijay's name will definitely be tarnished and the law and order problem will increase in Chennai. It is said that this is why the film team has volunteered to cancel the ceremony.

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