Kollywood actor Thalivasal Vijay was born in Kanyakumari and has made his own mark in the world of tamil cinema. He is an incomparable artist who excels in any role he is given, be it character, villain. His birth name is AR Vijayakumar, who made his debut in the film industry in the year 1992 with the tamil film Thalaivasal. Apart from tamil, he has also acted in Malayalam, Telugu, hindi and english language films. It is noteworthy that he has been continuously acting in various dramas on the small screen as well. It is noteworthy that he has also voiced many leading actors in the tamil film industry. In the recently released Ponniyin Selvan, leading actor Babu Antony played the role of Koika Manna, and it was Vijay Thalivasal who voiced him in the film. He has been traveling the world of tamil cinema for almost 31 years, acting in hundreds of films. Usually the children of actors are actors themselves. But Thalivasal Vijay's daughter did not choose the acting field but chose the sports field which surprised many. Thalivasal Vijay's eldest daughter, a swimmer, has participated in various competitions and won medals. It is noteworthy that he recently participated in the South Asian Swimming Championships held in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. In this case, a few months ago, tamil Nadu cricketer ajith got married.

Jeyaveena Marriage

Similarly, they got married last August. In this case, the videos of Jayaveena Vijay's wedding are going viral on the internet. Jayaveena, who knew that she was going to part with her father, broke down in tears at the moment of tying the groom's thali. Actor Thalivasal Vijay also started crying after seeing it. No matter how high he goes as an actor, his dismay as a father at the thought of his child going to another home left the audience emotional.

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