The recently released ``Mangalavaram'' is getting a lot of positive talk. The movie was appreciated by the critics. The collections at the box office are good. As there is no film to compete with, the collections of tuesday week are increasing. This is a long time success for payal rajput and ajay Bhupathi. Both have been waiting for success for a long time. After ``RX100'' neither of them had proper success. The films made did not give the expected results.

 Ajay made a new attempt with ``Mangalavaram'' which was different from his style and became successful. Payal also came into this project unexpectedly. Ajay's selection wish to make a film with a new heroine is a plus for the film. As such, Mangalvaaram was an unexpected success for both of them. ajay bhupathi also said that they can make a sequel to  this movie. 

Usually such announcements come before the release, but here it depends on the box office result. In the background of the success of ``Mangalavaram'', will ajay now plan a sequel or prequel?  It is known that after ``RX-100'' Ajay's ``Mahasamudram'' was a disaster. Turned out to be routine content,but Mangalvaaram entertains the audience differently. In recent times, if the suspense thriller gets positive talk, the collections are huge. The audience is enjoying the films of that genre without working with the star image.

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