Mouni Roy, a popular actress, has captured fans in the indian rendition of the internationally recognized reality series Temptation Island India. The program, which will premiere exclusively on JioCinema, is a one-of-a-kind adventure in which couples opt to spend time apart with appealing singles to test the strength of their relationships and explore the boundaries of their love and devotion.
Mouni Roy, who co-hosts the show with karan Kundra, assists couples in navigating their relationships during this exam. mouni roy expressed her unique viewpoint on the show's theme with News18 Showsha. "I feel like I'm a part of this experiment," she added. At the end of the day, we are all beings composed of emotions with our own travels and destiny. The anxieties you perceive in a relationship outside of Temptation Island are what are put to the test."
"On the show, it's the relationship that's being tested, not the love." I'm the love guru buddy for all of my pals, therefore I always offer them the most objective and reasonable advise. That's why I'm known as the "Queen of Hearts," Mouni said.
Mouni, who is married to Dubai-based businessman Suraj Nambiar, has previously stated that she is a romantic at heart. "I believe in old-fashioned romance, and for me, writing letters and having long phone conversations is romantic." Suraj and I had known one other for five years, and it seemed quite natural. "It was a typical boy-meets-girl situation, and we discovered that we complement each other in many ways," she explained.

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