Rajini roars for Sivakarthikeyan..!? Lends hand for him..?

All intelligent people never win! No successful man stands still! cinema does not allow a man to live in peace. It is difficult to enter the cinema without any background. Moreover, in a world full of so many Etappans, he will have to fight more than Kattabomman to maintain his rightful place. Rajini is no exception to that and Sivakarthikeyan is no exception. We all know the story of Sivakarthikeyan as an actor, singer, and producer through his own efforts. Many people who do not like his development have criticized him in many ways.
There were no survivors of deadly disease and no one who escaped deceit. Rajini has experienced similar situations and has proved his leadership by lending a helping hand to budding artists when they face problems. Even though he came up with an idea to save ajith when he was in trouble, consoled ajith when he was humiliated after listening to his idea, similarly embraced Sivakarthikeyan when his reputation was tarnished and gave him a chance in Thalaivar 171, our superstar rose not as a leader but as a father.As the leader said in Kabali, "You can't tolerate someone coming forward, if coming forward is your problem, why don't I come forward!" If you can't stand it, eat it! He would have roared.

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