Actor napoleon has built a hospital worth Rs 10 crore to a country doctor who treated his son for a rare disease.

Actor Napoleon's son dhanush is suffering from a rare form of muscular dystrophy. Although it was discovered when he was 4 years old, the doctors said that dhanush would be unable to walk by the age of 10 and that he would only live till the age of 17. napoleon has come from the belief that he can be saved somehow because the doctors have opened their hands like this.

But as the doctor said, at the age of 10, dhanush was unable to walk. This increased the fear of napoleon and his wife. Then they are searching all over the world to find a cure for this rare disease. Finally, napoleon has been treating his son by going to a person who has been practicing folk medicine for generations in a village called Veeravanallur near Ambasamutram in tirunelveli district.

For that, he has taken a house in that town and has been receiving treatment. dhanush was told by the doctors that he would never walk, but they are gradually making him walk through folk remedies.

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