In the near future, superstar prabhas has a number of intriguing projects planned, including Spirit, raja Saab, kalki 2898 AD, and one unnamed picture. The creators of kalki 2898 AD are optimistic that their material would be enjoyed by viewers worldwide, even if the majority of them are aimed at indian viewers. This is a fascinating excerpt.

Prabhas is currently following a different strategy, even though he previously engaged a national PR firm to launch his branding and advertising across the country. Prior to submitting the film to a few international film festivals, the actor hopes to heavily promote the picture in the UK and the USA. prabhas required someone who could handle his worldwide business, such as introducing him to the greatest show hosts in the world, writing articles about him in foreign publications, and generating a lot of buzz about kalki 2898 AD. We've heard that he contracted the task out to a global PR firm.

However, if Prabhas' kalki 2898 AD becomes a worldwide hit and surpasses all expectations, it will undoubtedly be the next great thing in the telugu cinema industry. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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