During discussions on the anticipatory bail motion of kadapa mp Y S avinash Reddy, who is charged with the murder of former minister y s vivekananda reddy, the cbi presented an extra affidavit before the telangana high court on Friday. On Friday, the attorneys for Suneetha reddy and avinash Reddy made their cases in court. On Saturday, the cbi will deliver its defense.

Avinash reddy allegedly refused to cooperate with the cbi during his interrogation. The mp was reportedly not complying with them and wasn't even there while they were interviewing him, according to the CBI. They requested authorization from the court to detain and question avinash Reddy. The cbi stated that avinash Reddy's cooperation was required for the probe to be finished by june 30. According to the cbi, they have traveled to kurnool to arrest avinash Reddy. But because there were so many of his followers there, they refrained from touching him out of fear of a law and order issue, the cbi informed the court.

The cbi added that on the day vivekananda reddy was slain, avinash Reddy was on a whatsapp call from 12.27 to 1.10 in the morning. The cbi stated that it is unknown who was on the other end of the whatsapp call. The chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy was aware of the murder of vivekananda reddy before 6.15 in the morning, the cbi also informed the high court. The cbi, however, said that it was unknown from what source jagan Mohan reddy learned the information.

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