N Chandrababu Naidu, a former chief minister and national leader of the telugu desam party (TDP), accused the current chief minister, jagan Mohan Reddy, of mucking up state affairs. "In the past, andhra pradesh had a considerably bigger revenue than Telangana. It has now sunk so low. The main objective of the jagan Reddy administration has been to ruin the State, according to Naidu.

When comparing the two states' respective tax revenues, Naidu asserted that Telangana's is currently 40% more than Andhra Pradesh's. "By 2022-23, AP's revenue was Rs 94,916 crore, while Telangana's revenue grew to Rs 13,21,175 crore," he said. The tdp leader claimed that several development projects were delayed and stated, "In 2019, andhra pradesh received Rs 24,957 crore under GST, compared to Telangana's Rs 18,779 crore—a difference of Rs 6,000 crore. However, by 2022–2023, andhra pradesh had a GST income of Rs 38,840 crore compared to Telangana's Rs 41,888 crore. All of this is a result of the absence of commercial activity in AP.

According to Naidu, between 2018–19 and 2022–23, Telangana's revenue from the registrations wing increased from Rs 5344 crore to Rs 14,228 crore, while Andhra saw a little increase from Rs 5427 crore to Rs 8022 crore. andhra pradesh earned Rs 21,914 crore in sales tax income in 2018–19, whereas telangana earned Rs 20,290 crore by 2022–23. All thanks to cm Jagan's "reverse rule," Naidu shot back at Jagan.

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