We continue to urge the public to be aware of cyber crimes. If the public has lost money to such cybercriminals, they should contact 1930 immediately," DGP Sailendrababu said.

The DGP of the police department in chennai met the media on Monday. When he was asked about cybercrime crimes and whether there are enough people for that unit, he said, "The public should understand that cybercrime is the crime of the future. It means the crimes that we have not expected and we have not encountered before. They are coming in different ways. people who are abroad, contact your cell phone. They can easily steal the money from your bank account.Not only the businessmen but also the government employees have cheated and stolen the money as their superiors talk to them.

Women who have registered on matrimonial sites for marriage are being robbed of lakhs of rupees from them in the name of foreign bridegroom. Also, there are many gangs such as young entrepreneurs who want to start a business, young people who are looking for jobs, money stealing gangs who claim to buy passports and visas to go abroad.

We continue to urge the public to be aware. If people have missed money from such persons, they should contact 1930 immediately. If contacted, steps will be taken through the control room in chennai to block the transfer of the victim's money to another bank and return it to their account. However, this should be done by the public within 24 hours.

Cyber Crime Division police stations have been established in all 37 districts of tamil Nadu. A cyber crime unit has been set up in 9 city police stations. Also, units have been set up in CBCID to detect national and international crimes. Above all there is a State Cyber Control Centre. One ATGP rank officer is on duty 24*7. Internationally, there is also the option of contacting the international police to recover lost money. So public should call 1930 number immediately if they are victims of cyber crimes and lose money.

A large number of cyber criminals have been arrested in many districts in tamil Nadu. Biggest criminal gang arrested in Sivagangai district. 26,000 SIM cards and 1200 cell phones have been seized from them. In Cuddalore district this year alone, crimes worth Rs 5 crore were discovered. And up to Rs 32 lakh has been refunded to the victims.

Likewise, the public should download and keep the police assistance app on their cell phones. It can also be downloaded for Android and iPhone. It has a separate section for women. There are also 66 types of police assistance in this app. So people should download it," he said.

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