Even nine years after the bifurcation, the long-running conflict over the division of government institutions and assets between telangana and andhra pradesh still exists. The separation of government institutions, staff, and assets has been hampered by a number of outstanding problems and complaints from both sides, in spite of the rules outlined in the andhra pradesh Reorganisation Act.

Numerous important issues are still unsolved despite 29 talks between representatives from both states and the national government. A major source of the dispute now centers on the split of numerous government institutions that are located in Hyderabad. Although the federal government created a committee of officials to deal with the partition of Schedule 9 and 10 institutions, it has been unable to satisfy the concerns voiced by both states. These institutions' dispersion has faced several difficulties.

Chandrababu Naidu's administration did not make any serious attempts to settle these conflicts. The partition of telangana Bhavan in New delhi has drawn criticism, notwithstanding some tolerance on the part of jagan Mohan Reddy's government towards state institutions. Six talks between the two governments have been held over the previous eight months to discuss the partition question.

The two states' ties have become even more tense on the subject of water sharing and the development of irrigation projects, which has prompted them to file complaints against one another with the National Green Tribunal. Although telangana and andhra pradesh have made attempts to reach an understanding over the split of governmental entities, the Union Ministry of External Affairs has been unable to do so.

Telangana and andhra pradesh are at a standstill due to their protracted disagreement over the division of government institutions and assets. Both sides and the central government's efforts to come to a mutually acceptable agreement have failed. The path towards a peaceful split and resource allocation between the two states is still hampered by outstanding difficulties.

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