IT and industries minister KT Rama Rao took aim at the congress for repeatedly breaking its promises, claiming that while the party was in power in chhattisgarh, it was unable to provide potable water, yet continued to make unfounded accusations against the Bharat Rashtra Samithi administration in Telangana.

The BRS Working President made a point of highlighting the vast differences in agricultural policy between telangana and chhattisgarh during his wednesday speech at the Irrigation Day festivities in Mulugu. The congress administration in chhattisgarh only buys a pitiful 12 quintals per acre from farmers, leaving them with no alternative but to sell the remaining output in the open market, vulnerable to the vagaries of millers, despite the fact that both States grew rice and cotton. He also criticised Chhattisgarh's administration for not providing adequate protection and support for the state's farmers.

Rama Rao also brought up Chhattisgarh's lack of agriculture investment subsidies as a swipe at congress leaders. The telangana government, on the other hand, was offering a financial aid of Rs. 10,000 per acre under the Rythu Bandhu plan under the direction of chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

The minister urged the people of telangana to assess whether party really put their interests first, not just in terms of drinking water and agriculture but in all facets of development. In order to emphasise the need of exercising caution while selecting someone to support and endorse, he called attention to the fact that farmers in chhattisgarh do not have access to free energy 24 hours a day.

The minister emphasised Mulugu's impressive development by mentioning how Thandas and Gudems were converted into Gramme Panchayats while being governed by the BRS. He claimed that the Integrated district office Complex (IDOC) in mulugu was being built with a budget allotted of Rs. 65 crore to provide amenities for individuals visiting the collector and SP with their complaints.

Earlier, in the presence of Ministers errabelli dayakar rao and Satyavati Rathod, he lay the cornerstones for many development projects totaling Rs. 150 crore, including the building of IDOC. A wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital library, a series of model bus stops, the SP office and the Sant Sevalal building all had their foundation stones set. Additionally, he virtually opened five mock police stations.

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